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This was my First Interview Experience

I got a mail inviting me directly to the interview with the CTO, through my GitHub Profile and my past Open Source Contributions. I sent my Resume to her. After a week I got a reply,

Got a Calendly event for setting up the…

I never thinks that, this need to be addressed!?

I have been trying to help people since 6–7 months now, to get in Open Source or Regarding Opportunities where I can refer people ( startups/orgs. i am working for or my friends are working ) or Guiding Peoples What to…

KWOC 2020

Projects: Rotten Scripts, Leet-code, Draw, Codemon, SpeakEd

Mentors : Harsh Bardhan Mishra, Shruti Shreyasi, Garima Singh, Ankush Bharadwaj

Project Description [Rotten-Scripts]: It is a project contains amazing and awesome scripts written in Python, JavaScript, Bash, PowerShell, and more.

Project Description [Leet-code]: It is a project for the solutions of various…

First of all, sorry for the clickbait title. But give me a minute and hear me out.

You can see it all the time: new developers spending a lot of time trying to get their portfolio websites right. …

Let’s glide through all the basic concepts in Python :

  • To give single or multi-line comment use:
#single line comment """ multi-line 
  • We can declare variables directly in Python without putting any data type unlike other languages like C/C++.
x = 8
y = "variable"
print(x) # to print a statement…


Object-oriented programming is a paradigm in programming that represents real-life objects or entities in code,
For starters, there are two basic but vital concepts you have to understand in OOP namely Classes and Objects.

What is a Class?

A class is a blueprint that specifies the attributes and behavior of an Object. Let’s assume…

React is one of the most popular Front-End JavaScript frameworks. Developed by Facebook in 2013, it is actively maintained as an open-source project, and has made building complex user interfaces easier. That’s why it is one of the most loved frameworks even in 2020.

📖 A Little Backstory

I, like many Front-End Developers, started…

✨👍 Important Lessons Learnt During Lockdown!🙏🙏

1) China won world war 3 without firing a single missile.

2) Europeans are not educated as they appear

3) Rich people are in fact are less immune than the poor

4) No priest, pandit, utadh or astrologer could save any

5) Health professional worth more than a football legend

6) Oil is worthless in the society without consumption

7) Animals most likely feel the same way in the zoo, as we do while being quarantined

8) Planet regenerates quickly without human interference

9) The majority of people can work from home easily

10) Everyone can survive without junk food

11) Living Hygienic life is not difficult

12) Even men can cook

13) Media is full of nonsense

14) Actors are just entertainers they are not heroes

15) Life is so fragile, handle with care

Have you wondered how the websites are made? What skills or tech-stacks are required for making a website? 🤔 🤔

If your answer is “YES”, then this is the write place for you.
I will try to keep the answer as simple as possible.

First of all we need to…

JavaScript is a loosely typed, interpreted scripting language. It is one of the most powerful and popular programming languages in the world.

Most of the websites today are using JavaScript. It is literally hard to imagine the World Wide Web today without JavaScript. …

Siddhant Khare

I am a Junior pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Also a Full Stack Developer & Open Source Contributor

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