My College Life Lesson

My College life lessons ( 1st year Experience) in case if it can apply to someone:

if you missed IIT/NIT/IIIT colleges, prefer a college that doesn’t disturb you with their strict rules.

find a decent peaceful college and start learning things on your own.

• Prefer minimum attendance and GPA. don’t chase. also, don’t ignore them. you neither get memories nor knowledge with that.

• Don’t limit yourself on the college’s top placement package ( i did this mistake for some time by doing unnecessary grilling with which I had to stop side projects ). the minute you enter that college your price got down you need to do certain things to raise your price tag not stick with that.

• Earn money with things you learn, earning is really important here to get your career started. the earlier you start the better it is.

• Do more paid internships. internships are about finding the right problems which you can’t get from courses or YouTube tutorials. the more problems you solve the better engineer you are.

  • Don’t spend much money on courses if it’s costly then it’s cheap.




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Siddhant Khare

Siddhant Khare

I am a Junior pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Also a Full Stack Developer & Open Source Contributor